Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sheaux Fresh, the view from an 11-year old

Today group C (Heather, Aubrey, Amy, Steve, Matt Mc) and I (Kyle, Dr. Palmer's son who got to tag along on this trip) went into the Algiers section to visit and do a service-learning project with an urban farm run by Thaddeus Prosper. When we showed up things were not as I suspected, first I thought we would be weeding and working with plants but instead we were helping Thaddeus to make a sort of crib (to create a sort of raised area) for the plants out of old pallets.

We all had a job to do, some of us were shoveling dirt and mulch into the created cribs so they were ready for planting, the rest of us were making the cribs themselves. I enjoyed our time there being able to help out Thaddeus to finish the things he needed to grow the new plants. It was a lot of fun with a great dinner afterwards. Then after avoiding traffic we headed back to the gym for some well deserved rest.

I believe that Thadeus's idea for starting his urban farms was noble and helping. He told us that he started his two farms/gardens to help provide fresh food easily for the people in the area around him that do not have any other way to get at these healthy foods. I enjoy Thaddeus as a person because he is very passionate and determined to help everyone around him.

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